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Begins again. / Never ends.

Hello and welcome. I’ve created this little corner of the interwebs to be an exploration in aesthetics and work ethics. It’s not intended to be so much as a personal blog, but as it is compiled in my own crazy way, how impersonal could it be? More representations than admissions of self, I suppose?

I’m not sure what number this internet venture is of mine, as my first foray into online writing was almost a full decade ago– I honestly can’t believe I started a blogger account in July 2001! I was never consistent in writing over the years despite being elsewhere online.

In any case, I’m giving this a go again, and I think the unlinked aspects of these kinds of blogs, in comparison to networks like tumblr or twitter (both of which I love!) will quell the fear of clogging up the feeds of friends. Unless of course you, my lovely reader, choose to subscribe via your RSS reader of choice, then I guess it’s all the same and perception is everything.

So, I’m just gonna psyche myself up for a good time with this and get excited.

Love and laugh– that’s the only catch.

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