Things I Love Thursday #1

Things I Love Thursday #1

  • Upcoming concerts. Eisley next week. Iron & Wine and Death Cab for Cutie in June. !!!
  • Smallville. I cannot believe it ends tomorrow. I’ve been watching this show regularly since the second season; yes, it’s campy and has done so many things that are erroneous to the canon, but endearingly so! After this, it’s just Supernatural and One Tree Hill (and the latter really doesn’t resemble its beginnings) that are the last remnants of The WB network that I was practically raised on. Oh nostalgia; my youth!
  • I Can Make A Mess LIke Nobody’s Business’ newest album Gold Rush. It’s so perfect for summer. I’ve called it “… intense contemplation during a wonderfully sunny day followed by a fantastic get-together with good people and best friends that goes well into the wee hours of the morning.” Refute me, I dare you.
  • Knitting. I’ve got a bunch of things on my knit!wishlist, mostly gifts, because they’re quicker. ;) And yes, because of the joy of giving.
  • Summer intentions/plans. Not even anything huge, but the little things are what makes ya smile, right? Part of it: aforementioned concerts (maybe more! please?); drive-in movies/movies in general; catching up on comics; [hula] hooping more; learning how to crochet; writing, writing, writing!
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