Sewing Season

I can’t sew. I can’t even hem a skirt, I’m that much of a novice. It’s actually a bit embarrassing to admit this, especially since both my mother and grandmother are quite deft with a needle and thread; my mom even made her own wedding dress! I mean, how can I not feel like a failure to this little legacy?

In all seriousness though, learning how to sew is one of items at the top of my to-do list (maybe even bucket list?) and apparently this summer seems to agree with me, considering it presented three methods for me to pursue it: Craftsy’s Sewing Studio video class, Red Velvet’s DIY Dress Up e-course, and Brett Bara’s book Sewing in a Straight Line.

(I know, I should just ask my mom to teach me, right?)

I found out about Craftsy through Vickie Howell’s blog, when she announced that she was going to host a crochet class there (crocheting is also on my crafts-to-learn list!). What I like about Sewing Studio is the video aspect. I’ve taken video e-courses (learned how to hoop with mini hula hoops via Hoop City!) and I quite like them. There are only two projects available, a skirt and a pillow, but hours of instruction and lessons on the basics and fundamentals, as well as how to work from commercial patterns and how to use a sewing machine. Sewing Studio is priced at $59, but if you sign up for the Craftsy newsletter, there are definitely discounts.

I am such a fan of Elsie and the whole Red Velvet team. DIY Dress Up is the newest e-course that they’ve released and it features seventeen sessions: fifteen of them resulting in a garment or accessory, each dealing with a different technique or material. Because almost every lesson has a project, this course definitely has instant (if it can even be called that) gratification appeal. Like the other Red Velvet e-courses it’s presented as a blog, and if there’s one thing I love about Elsie’s writing style and voice is that it’s so welcoming and encouraging! DIY Dress Up is only $29.

Like Sewing Studio, I came across this book, and Brett Bara’s blog, whilst perusing Vickie Howell’s blog (I miss Knitty Gritty!). Sewing in a Straight Line has twenty-six projects, ranging from garments to accessories to housewares; I love the clean lines and simplicity of the all these projects, making it perfect for a beginner like me! MSRP for Sewing in a Straight Line is $22.99, but can cost less than that depending on where you purchase it.

I’ve still got a number of knitting projects to finish up so I’m in no rush to choose a class and start, but at the same time it’s nice to have another crafty outlet and save myself the hand cramps.

Has anyone taken/used any of these?

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