Sunday Sounds: States, “Another Chapter”

Although I came to know about the band States from having been a fan of the members’ previous bands, States stands on their own. I’ve read reviews that describe their music as an upbeat amalgam of Copeland and Lydia, the aforementioned previous bands, but I’ve never really heard that (based on their first EP, Line ’em Up, I heard more Metric than Copeland or Lydia).

“Another Chapter” is the penultimate song from Line ’em Up, and it’s my favorite of the EP. Wedged between the upbeat “Generation” and the somber and steadying “Asleep”, “Another Generation” is a fitting transition between the songs, as well as a metaphoric one for the people involved.

The song innocently begins with an acoustic guitar and keys, but it’s the electric guitar that creeps in that I love. Then the strength of Mindy White’s voice in the chorus champions the idea of growth and progression; “Another Chapter” is about moving on, and the song leave no doubt to that possibility and probability. However, the bridge is what absolutely kills me with an aggression that’s only emphasized by an abrupt and haunting reprise of the title.

States recently announced, through a series of fun videos, that their first full length, Room to Run will be available October 18, but until then, Line ‘Em Up is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Until then, States will be on tour from September 22 to October 15 (tour dates available on their site)! Now, who wants to take me to the Chico or Santa Cruz show?

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