293,594 (Write Everyday)

I’ve taken to writing every day. It’s been less than a year and 293,594 is how many words I’ve written on alone. Statistically, this is already a little baffling, but it’s even more so considering I write outside of that- elsewhere online as well as privately (both electronically and manually).

Nearly 300,000 words- some of which are creative and many of which are contemplative. But whatever the type, the action of writing every day has undoubtedly been beneficial, and I’ve been learning more about myself.

While a statement such as that seems a little trite, it’s still the truth. By writing everyday, I can see how much I have locked away in my brain. I’ve written the gamut of my hopes, dreams, fears, and dull (sometimes droll) daily details, and through that, I’ve been able to sift through all the shit in my mind and get to the point and the heart of an issue, idea, or what-have-you.

When I continually commit the same complaints to “paper” it’s not long before I tire of it, and either start to take action to get through it or simply drop it. On the flip side, if I find a recurring theme, I’ll know I need to keep pursuing it until it manifests into something more tangible, or at least, more interesting. I’ve found a storyline that I am so desperately trying to understand, and I’ve also been able to continue with characters that I thought I’d lost forever.

It’s almost a Darwinian way to care for your creations and your concerns; you need to let them out so that you can see which ones are worthy of survival, which ones you can and cannot live without.

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