Sinister Sunday Sounds: The Decemberists, “Shankill Butchers”

While last week’s selection was more dramatic and theatrical, this week’s choice is haunting in the way that it creeps up on you. The Decemberists‘ “Shankill Butchers” from their 2006 album The Crane Wife is a cautionary tale (though not to be confused with “A Cautionary Song”, which is also quite disturbing, possibly even more so… Be kind to your mother!). There’s minimalism, thanks to the count off and solo acoustic guitar in the beginning, that creates an intimacy with Colin Meloy’s words of warning, forcing you to listen carefully. When the bridge hits and the guitar solo starts, there’s a false sense of relief that you won’t hear any more details of the eponymous group’s criminality, but then there’s some faint whistling in the background– and now it’s probably too late to check your windows.

;) You are welcome.

Their upcoming album The King is Dead comes out November 1st, and the Deluxe Box Edition is killing me. I always love their aesthetics and album art, and this is no exception. Art book featuring work from Autumn de Wilde? White vinyl? Yes please!

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