It’s a day of gratitude. Not only is it Veterans Day, but Remembrance Day as well; on a lighter note, it’s also World Hoop Day (a note that makes my old photo relevant to this post).

In keeping with the theme of thanks, it is November after all, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite links from the past week[-ish].

  • Made some blueberry scones yesterday adapted from Emma’s recipe for cranberry scones. Yum!
  • Free Hugs, the short film written and directed by Olivia Wilde, made me laugh. Also, as it is World Hoop Day [and as I hooper!] I loved the hooping/Hoopnotica appearance! Plus, the inclusion of The Head and The Heart‘s “Rivers and Roads” (everyone should see this band live, btw!)? <3
  • I’m such an inspiration and productivity junkie, so I loved Nubby Twiglet’s piece on how to stay motivated.
  • Wonderfully coincidentally, on the same day Elsie divulged why she never worries about running out of ideas! The fear of running out of ideas has plagued me for quite some time, and it’s certainly something that still gets to me (as my moments of silence here may prove).
  • Isabel’s fun 27 before 27 list encourages me to set goals and be public about it.
  • The aforementioned list included fashion-related elements, and Catherine’s style is always inspiring because it’s so effortless and classic (her skills as a fine artist also amaze me!).
  • But it’s not just visual artists I’m admiring lately! Although I’m not participating this year, those of you that are doing year’s NaNoWriMo astound me. Who’s doing it?
  • I’m an anxious person, so I will always appreciate a list of ways on how to get calm like this one by Gala Darling.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!

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