Sunday Sounds: Bears of Manitou, “Out of Colorado”

Easing into the potentially hectic week and going in casual as it is Thanksgiving this Thursday! Gotta clean house, prepare food, be interesting for the guests! ;) What better way to do that and relax than with a song that’s got a ukulele in it?

This candidly shot version of “Out of Colorado” by Bears of Manitou is so charming and is as perfectly inviting as their music. It’s also a wonderful testament to how evident it is that they love playing together!

Complementary male and female vocals is sometimes difficult to achieve, but the vocal exchange between Gabe and Maria radiates such a warmth and sweetness. I’m really excited for their upcoming album!

It’s still a couple of months until the release, but they offered to send out care packages as a promo/preview/present to whomever wanted one. Alas, I missed out on the opportunity to get one, but I am excited for those of you who will!

You can follow Bears of Manitou over at twitter and don’t forget to check out their official site!

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