Sunday Sounds: The Narrative, “Hallelujah”

UPDATE: The Narrative posted their official video for this song- COMPLETE WITH LYRICS! I’ve now replaced the previous video- enjoy!

During the summer I went to see Eisley (yes, again– I love that band!), and one the supporting bands was The Narrative. Now, I had heard of them before (especially among Lydia fans prior to the release of Assailants), but I hadn’t actually gotten around to listening to them. For the most part, I like to “prep” my ears before a show, so I’ll listen to a couple of songs of the supporting bands (or in some cases the headlining one, because I will go to a show if a band I absolute love plays beforehand) and once I finally heard The Narrative, I knew I needed to hear more!

Luckily for me, they set up a Kickstarter project to help fund the costs for the tour, and I jumped on the “reward” that included a digital EP! That was finalized and sent out earlier this week, and although it’s only four songs, it’s on constant repeat. This song, “Hallelujah,” is beautiful, upbeat, with a wonderful balance of piano keys and acoustic guitar; meanwhile, the vocals are so earnest, perfectly complementing the sincerity of the lyrics.

Along with the digital EP, part of the reward was a postcard from the band:

(Yup, these are certainly cell phone pics. But how adorable was that message? ♥ them!)

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