Twenty Eleven

There are maybe a million ideas that I want to convey to commemorate the end of this year and to celebrate the next year. I had hoped to say more here, to show more, but my thoughts are moving faster than I can hope to catch them. I need to be better at being able to say what I mean, when I mean to say it. I want to be better at being open. Expressive. Honest. This is an… issue (“problem” is too big a word, but right now it very much feels like one) that I hope to resolve, or at least move in progressive direction, in the new year.

Given that it seems as though I’m always striving towards it, this isn’t so much a “new year’s resolution,” although that’s the most precise word for it, isn’t it? Resolve, resolution. Solutions (“problem” then suffices).

But at least in admitting it I’m making some sort of progress right?

Anyhow, I know it’s already 2012 for most of you and I hope that it’s been fantastic so far!

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