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Everything is Illuminated

This book is beautiful. There are sentiments that absolutely make me ache because of how truthful they feel. Yes, it can be jumbled, messy, and sometimes so blunt that those particular scenes could border on perversion- but all of that just creates such a brilliant honesty. While the number of characters that appear can become overwhelming, they are never dull; no pun intended, but they become blindingly bright and so alive.

I admit that I started this last year but despite having read it in such a drawn out span of time, every time I picked it up I fell right back into the fantastic quality of the language. Due to the time frame it took me to read this and the ~patchwork~ design of the overall narrative, this begs a reread soon! However, it’s less for the sake of comprehension and more for appreciation of all the interconnected details that I need to revisit this heartbreaking book.

I’m almost apologetic for all the italicizing but hey, it’s how I feel.

Anyhow, please note that on goodreads I rate a book according to how much I loved it, not necessarily for its “quality”- because those are two very different things. However, that is not to say that this book doesn’t merit the five stars I gave it. It’s more like I don’t feel… qualified to give “real” ratings. Although it is my opinion anyway so… you get what I mean, right?

(Cover image from the publisher’s website. I happen to have the pink version and will probably update this post at a later date with the appropriate version.)

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