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Reading Resolutions

I wish I could call myself a voracious reader, but I know that some of you can just burn through book after book, week after week! Alas, my interests and attentions are all over the place (music! tv! knitting! hooping!) and while I wouldn’t have it any other way, I would like to incorporate more book reading to the mix.

Although twenty-five books in one year isn’t that many, this is one of those times where I’m setting the bar low enough so that I can definitely get it done! ;) In addition to updating here, I’ll be using goodreads to mark my progress– if you’re on there, I’m musekitsch!

Obviously this is quite a bit more than twenty-five (and it doesn’t include all the graphic novels I want to read!); I’m less stringent on what I’m reading during the year (not that I don’t care! I do!), more so how much I’m reading, so if I read a book that’s not on the list, I’m still going to count it. Whether it’s appalling or not, these are just some of the books I’ve amassed through the years and have yet to read.

Anyone else with a reading resolution? Although my little wallet might protest, I’d love some book recommendations! As you can probably tell from the collection above I’m pretty partial to fiction and sci-fi/fantasy, but there are also some non-fiction books on there. I’ve also got a soft spot for philosophy, theory, and productivity/self-help books, but am open to anything… well, as long as you can promise it’s interesting. ;)

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