Sunday Sounds: Radiohead, “The Gloaming”

Neurotic though it may be, before going to a concert I like to “prep” my ears and put the band, or bands, on heavy rotation. With a Radiohead show on Wednesday* I’ve been listening to them non-stop, even breaking my usual “no music while reading” rule as I’ve also been scrambling to finish A Clash of Kings. Strangely, but fortuitously, “The Gloaming” found a place [in the fanmix I never knew I needed to make for this book] as the perfect Theon Greyjoy song.

I know, weird, right? And he isn’t even a major character for me! No, but seriously, if you’re read the latter Theon chapters of that book while listening to this, I dare you to tell me this doesn’t fit the tone perfectly!

Watching this session brought back all the excitement, adoration, and absolute awe from that night. So many emotions!

*I very much intend to give that event its own post at a later date, provided I ever find the words that are deserving of such a beautiful and spectacular show! /emotionalwreck

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