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It’s here! Sorta. A sneak peek of sorts.

As you can glean from the URL, this blog is part of something I’ve established as Often Lions. Almost a year of having claimed the domain, I’ve finally filled the space with some substance, primarily visual.

So what is it, or more appropriately, what will it be, exactly? Well, it’s a surprise. Mostly for you and even somewhat for me; if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that the most important thing is just to start. Every step counts, every step moves you forward. Stagnation kills creativity.

While its form may appear amorphous right now, the heart of Often Lions is laid bare. Its mission statement/ethos/philosophy or what-have-you is as follows:

For those of us who lie awake at night dreaming of fantastical places and the royals and the rogues. Hostile seas and cunning thieves. Bards who sing the sighs of the bright-eyed. Leather and lace, yet binary ways. Time traveling and the unraveling towards the truth.

Love & laugh– that’s the only catch.

As for the dialogue from Romeo & Juliet on the front page, as the first post?

Dreamers often lie… while they do dream things true.

Getting excited, lots of work ahead. Miles to go.

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