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“Wretched” – New Song

It’s actually not as morose as the title might imply. If anything, “Wretched” is probably one of the more optimistic songs I’ve ever written. Really!

Non-Soundcloud/for the feeds:

The production of this song has been a lesson in patience and intent; I’m learning what I’m comfortable in stating as well how I’m comfortable in expressing it.

The lyrics can be found under the cut:
No one will ever know how much
I’ve kept quiet
I’ve heard all of the
worst offenses-

But you prove that
we’re not all wretched

All your words fit neatly and cleanly
So unlike these obscenities

Sweetly you speak to me
leading the conversation
to a place where
I could feel safe

It’s been far too long
since I’ve spoken on my own

I cannot be keeping close all of my hopes
I’m needing you to know
Now I don’t wanna bide my time
I can’t bite my tongue anymore

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