Admired, Inspired 7.11.12

A pinch of this and that.

  • Janice has sewn the McCall’s 6559 maxi dress and it looks amazing! I love the high-low change she made.
  • Speaking of sewing, yes, I’m back on my “want to/need to learn it” kick and I came across The Colette Sewing Handbook. The book design is adorable and although the overall aesthetics might be a bit more darling than my usual style, the content looks very informative and succinct. (Images from thier official site.)
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  • This DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray tutorial is so simple! Can’t wait to try it; I’m thinking maybe tea tree oil and any/all variations of mint?
  • The Early November’s In Currents, their newest album in years, can be streamed here. Can’t wait to get my cd/vinyl preorder package!
  • Another album stream (god bless technology): The Dark Knight Rises OST. Just over a week until the movie!
  • I have a proclivity towards indecision, so I’m grateful for this guide on How to Make Decisions. Basically, just make a choice.
  • Smashing Magazine implores the web user Please Upgrade Your Browser. Do it!
  • Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra have released a stop-motion music video for the song “Want it Back” and holy smokes, it is incredible! The attention to detail blows me away. I’m really happy to have contributed to the kickstarter. Warning: It’s NSFW, as there is nudity (but watch it as soon as you’re free!)
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