Sunday Sounds: Danny Elfman,”Batman: The Animated Series”

Yes, that very one.

Ever since The Dark Knight Rises gave me the one thing that I’ve wanted so badly from the series (it’s that reveal at the end- it’s all I’ve wanted! Thank you Christopher Nolan!), the extent of my Batman obsession has been in overdrive. Since I have the beautifully amazing limited edition complete series DVD boxset, a rewatch of the animated series was in order. The introduction plays during every single episode and I never tire of it!

While I could go on about how thrilling and engaging the arrangement is (thank you Danny Elfman!), instead I just want to point out the stunning visuals. The art deco/retrofuturist aesthetic and the use of darkness and shadows fit the show and the character perfectly*. In just over one minute, the audience can tell exactly what the show has in store and should not be surprised to find that this is not merely a children’s cartoon.

*Kevin Smith’s podcast “Fatman on Batman” has very interesting interviews with Paul Dini and Bruce Timm that reveal how this look was achieved, along with other fascinating and funny facts. Warning: there is a considerable amount of profanities that get thrown around, but if you’re familiar with Smith’s work, you probably already expected that. Seriously though, the podcasts are great!

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