Sunday Sounds: Her & Gold, “Magnolia”

Although “Magnolia” could be heard primarily as a breakup song, it’s one without any spite or malice and because of that maturity it’s also, if not more so, a song of individualism. The chorus of this song just gets to me. Vocals are unencumbered by any other instrumentation and the line “I deserve to see the world” is just so sincere; Sais de Sicilia’s voice has a really lovely sweetness to it that doesn’t sound saccharine. The keys and the guitar also create a meandering, scenic sound, befitting the lyrics.

“Magnolia” is a perfect official introduction to the Her & Gold world. Since the lyrics themselves also denote a kind of independence, it’s appropriate that this is a departure from the folk-influence heard in Bears of Manitou (which she’s still involved with!). There are a bit more electric keys and electric guitar, as well as an heavier introspective inclination. Having been a fan of other Matt Malpass produced records, there’s also that particular polish to this song, a slight city atmosphere, if you will. I can’t wait for the full-length album!

Sais de Sicilia celebrated the release of the first Her & Gold single with an acoustic version of this song, and it’s a whole different kind of beautiful.

I love how casual this video is!

Her & Gold’s debut album Carousel comes out in December, but this single can be purchased from BandCamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

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