Crafty Christmas 2012

I know this post seems belated, but it was only yesterday that I had the opportunity to give my friend Kim* these necklaces that I made for her. I had never made jewelry before- not even those woven friendship bracelets!- and I only really decided to do this after I couldn’t find the perfect gift. Yes, I’m a bit insane. It wasn’t just a Christmas gift that I needed; her birthday is only a week before the holiday and she was turning twenty-five, so it needed to be überspecial! The Rabbit Run necklace was made for her birthday, while The Stag and The Rose and Fury Grows Strong were made as Christmas gifts.

Gifts for my fellow Sagittarius; she also happens to love A Song of Fire & Ice/Game of Thrones. House Baratheon & Tyrell FTW!

For the Sagittarius who also loves A Song of Ice and Fire. Houses Baratheon & Tyrell united FTW!

One can never really go wrong using the astrology theme for birthday presents, and since I’m a little obsessed with the symbology and symbolism of both the western zodiac and Chinese astrology, I used both of my friend’s signs. Naturally, I didn’t stop there; gotta add the birthstone for December!

As for the other two on the right, fellow fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones will understand. ;)

The work that went into making these was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be- but that’s not to say that it was incredibly easy! Although I didn’t cast these charms myself, I did have to open many jump rings, wrap a number of wires [and rewrap and rewrap and rewrap all the wires I broke or wonkily wrapped], and figure out the hard way which gauges are the ones for the job. But it was fun! Then again, when isn’t crafting fun?

*Yes, the same one who gave me these kawaii kitty cups last year. She outdid herself this year- I’ll be posting those details tomorrow!

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