Handmade + Fangirl + Stationary = the best

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Kim outdid herself this year when it came to gifts!

This Slytherin notepad is the perfect addition to my stash of Hogwarts school supplies. Here it is atop my third-year style scarf (previously seen here):

For jotting down my schemes...

For jotting down my schemes…

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, she also handmade these Sailor Senshi mini notebooks, even packaging them in the order ther Inner Senshi were unveiled! Yes, that detail is incredibly nerdy, but I love that I have friends who not only know those kind of things, but also trust that I know it too!

Moon Prism Power Make Up!

Moon Prism Power Make Up!

Again, thank you Kim! I love these so much!

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