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On the Needles: “Greenhaas” (Koolhaas Hat in Evergreen)

My final semester is proving to be as challenging as I thought it would be! Luckily I’ve been channelling the pressure into “stress!crafting” (see also: stress!baking and stress!cleaning). With my dad’s birthday coming up, I chose to knit up a gift and the popular “Koolhaas Hat” by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) seemed perfect.

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat 02

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat 03

At first the cables seemed quite intimidating, but after having worked two swatches to get the proper gauge, they’re actually pretty fun! Since it’s only a single stitch being held, I’ve been working the cables without a cable needle à la Grumperina.

Speaking of swatches, here’s the second swatch I made:

Oyster Heather Mink Heather Evergreen Koolhaas swatch

As you can plainly tell, there are three colors, only one of them actually being used in the final product; all three are the same yarn! In all honesty, this pattern was chosen not just because I know my dad will appreciate it, but because I’m also trying to whittle down my yarn stash (shh… I would like to think my father would appreciate the resourcefulness and pragmatism!). I had so little the other colors and just barely enough green for the hat, so I did what I had to do. It’s a pretty looking swatch though, right?

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