Admired, Inspired 8.28.13

It’s been far too long since I’ve shared a list of amazing finds.

  • One of my absolute favorite fashion lines, Locher’s will be releasing a new clothing line on September 3rd! Sassy and snarky sayings within gorgeous embroidery? Yes please!
  • Here’s another refreshing take on a classic: a Choose Your Own Adventure version of Hamlet entitled… wait for it… To Be Or Not To Be. And it’s illustrated by Kate Beaton. It just keeps getting better.
  • This exploration of how artist/illustrator/designer Jon Contino developed his brand identity is fascinating.
  • JustDelete.Me is a comprehensive directory of websites with links on, you guessed it, how to delete your account from them. Not only is it incredibly helpful, but it’s fascinating to see what sites are impossibly and/or difficult to get out of (Pinterest?!).
  • Black Milk Clothing is releasing a Harry Potter collection on September 10th. You can bet I am freaking out. !!!
  • Which house do you belong in? [x]

    Which house do you belong in? [x]

  • In other geek fashion news, Espionage Cosmetics is Kickstarting their line of Nail Wraps. As someone who has yet to master nail polish applications, this is a godsend. A beautifully geeky godsend. So say we all!
  • #ActualPerfection [x]

    #ActualPerfection [x]

Have any of you come across anything lately that lights you up?

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