Admired, Inspired 10.2.13

This week: the Superhero & Comics Edition!

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is finally on twitter. That’s it, that’s the feature. (If I were to ramble on about the many reasons why this is a big deal to me, this would be a much longer post. I mean, I wrote about Buffy in my undergraduate thesis, so my flailing should not be a surprise.)
  • I like to believe that in a parallel universe (or at least one of them) the other me is a comic book author and artist, but now that the Masters of Anatomy Kickstarter is launching next week–October 11th! – I may have to take my drawing dreams a bit more seriously. From the book’s official site:

    Master of Anatomy: The Ideal Male and Female, is a one-of-a-kind collection of artistic anatomy bringing together the work of 64 artists from different industries. Each artist recreates the Ideal Male and Female illustrated in their own signature style and without the aid of external reference. Each angle is neutral, symmetrical and unposed showing the front, side and 3/4 front angles in a classic animation turn-around. The goal: to translate a decades-old sketch into something more relevant to a modern aesthetic. The result is a volume unlike anything that exists today. A must have for any aspiring artist; digital or traditional.

  • Speaking of comic book creators who are living their dreams, the lovely ladies from Little Foolery announced their newest release for sale, That Which Wills: Virgo Rising. Astrology, magic, stellar storytelling and gorgeous art? Yes please!
  • Not that there was any doubt as to how perfect Lynda Carter was as Wonder Woman, a recent interview proves that she understands the character far more than most of the people at the top of television and movie industry.
  • Although there’s no new official live-action incarnation of Wonder Woman, unofficially there most certainly is, thanks to Rainfall Films. Badass unicorn Rileah Vanderbilt successfully embodies the character’s strength, grace, and spirit of sisterhood.
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  • Reply Isabel October 5, 2013 at 2:21 AM

    So funny to see Buffy and Willow on the same network. I’m watching “The Crazy Ones” because I love both Genie and Buffy. I’m not loving it… but I feel compelled to lend my support anyway, lol.

    • Reply Maria October 5, 2013 at 11:39 PM

      IKR? I’m sad there weren’t more BtVS reunions on HIMYM. I was hoping Mercedes McNab/Harmony would show up as the female Barney or something. lol

      I’m smiling so much at the “Genie and Buffy” because it’s SO TRUE. I liked this week’s episode much more than the premiere and I’m hoping that it continues this pattern of growth. I’m also wishing for more interaction between James Wolk and SMG’s characters ’cause I think/assume there’s an interesting dynamic there, with him being Genie’s favorite and her being the daughter. We shall see~

      • Reply Isabel October 7, 2013 at 10:43 PM

        Definitely need to remember that pilots will always be a little rockier and it takes a few episodes for a show to reach its stride. I agree, the second one was much better. I’m really crossing my fingers for this one!!

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