What Ifs and Why Nots

It’s been quiet here these past few months and I apologize for that. For once, it’s not from a lack of activity, rather, it’s been an onslaught. It’s been… messy, to say the least.

Thankfully, there are amazing people in my life to help remind me of the bright spots.

This past Friday my friend and I took an impromptu walk around the UC Berkeley campus and since neither of us attended the school, it was fun to stroll around the campus, exploring the lay of the land.

While wandering around, we got to wondering what it might have been like had we taken different paths in life. Now, I don’t regret where I ended up, what I eventually learned, or who I met, but as we’re all wont to do, I wondered, “what if?”

Yes, that question can quickly spiral us downward– it’s not just ruminating on the big choices (like going to a particular university), but the supposedly insignificant ones as well (“why did I say that in that way?”) that are so easy to immerse in.

However, sometimes it just becomes so tiring to think about the things that didn’t happen.

So instead, I’m starting ask “why not?”

Let’s make things happen.

University of California, Berkeley

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