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A Bit of Branding

It’s the tiny details that make me giddy. Of course I love actual products that I buy from shops, but I’m also a sucker for cohesive branding via packaging or promotional materials. When I decided I was going to have some tangible goods up in the shop, I jumped at the chance to trade hours picking up stitches for hours piecing together pixels.

Product Tags, Business Cards, Stickers

Because I only have a few items at the moment, I was looking for a company that simultaneously offered greater design flexibility (variety of products, paper types, the ability to upload my own design) as well as a smaller quantity count (i.e. I don’t need 500 business cards at the moment). Moo (referral link) was perfect for that. I’d actually been eyeing them for years, way before I even thought to start up a shop– it’s the details, ya know? The biggest selling point for me was their Printfinity option, which allowed me to purchase only one set of 50 business cards and split up the designs– half would be product tags, the other half standard business cards (both share the “embellishments and curiosities” side).

Product Tags

Back of business card

Both the business cards and the product tags are printed on their “Green” paper option, which is wonderfully matte, making it perfect to write on! This also enables me to keep my options open for whatever future wares I might create! Furthermore, not only is the paper made up of 100% recycled post consumer waste, but the manufacturing process is also apparently powered by wind, which, yes, blows my mind (sorry!), but also really makes me want to rewatch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Emmyelle Stickers

Finally, because I placed these at the time of a sale, I splurged on these little vinyl stickers that I intend to stick on the outside of packages. High quality, thick vinyl with absolutely no pixelation on the designs. I love these so much!

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  • Reply Isabel March 1, 2015 at 3:50 PM

    They look so good! Your shop logo is gorgeous and I love the colors & design concepts you’ve created. Those tags are pretty much perfect in every way.

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