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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!*

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Despite featuring this song last year, I couldn’t help wanting to sing it myself. Like I’ve said, it’s my favorite; I have no regrets! Shout out to my dear friend Kelsey who gave me that owl ornament many Christmases ago; doesn’t it look so cute all befuddled atop a white, plastic tree?

Now that we have the Mayan Apocalypse behind us, I hope everyone is having a fun and festive holiday season!

For the feeds/non-Soundcloud:

*Friends forever, am I right?

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[Self] Sunday Sounds: “Constants”

These past few weeks have been about mourning the end of summer (dramatic, I know!) and mulling over personal plans and goals. It’s a bit overwhelming to say the least and when I get scared, I tend to get quiet and reclusive. Actually, that’s not entirely true, it’s more that I become inactive, but my mind certainly runs amok. This song was meant to wade through everything that I was chewing over, but in the end I’m not sure how revelatory it was.

In any case, it feels damn good to finish something.

Lyrics underneath the cut:
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“Wretched” – New Song

It’s actually not as morose as the title might imply. If anything, “Wretched” is probably one of the more optimistic songs I’ve ever written. Really!

Non-Soundcloud/for the feeds:

The production of this song has been a lesson in patience and intent; I’m learning what I’m comfortable in stating as well how I’m comfortable in expressing it.

The lyrics can be found under the cut:
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Happy New Year! A Sunday Sounds of a Different Sort

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s first day (or more depending on where you are!) has been lovely.

Tonight’s Sunday Sounds is of a different fare. Instead of one song, it’s two (and even then, let’s just call them “demos” shall we?), which I have done before but never by the same band. It’s also super low-fi, incredibly rough, and pretty unheard of… because it’s mine. Fables and Medicine were written quite some time ago, recorded last summer via the built-in microphone of my ’06 MacBook Pro, and listened to by probably only one person other than myself. However, “Fables” has been up at for a few months so that might not hold true, but I’ve never really made mention of the song or the project (at least in explanation; I’ve used that name for ages) until now.

This isn’t entirely shameless self promotion, it’s more of a divulgence. For so long I’ve kept my music so close to the vest. I cannot even begin to explain how strange and disconcerting it is to even write the words “my music” for all to see. But I want to. I need to. While my love for music is certainly no secret, very few know that I write my own. This confession of sorts can partly be attributed to the whole new year’s resolution high, but the truth is much of it has just been brewing for far too long.

Please be gentle enjoy!



Like I said, these are rough as hell, as the production quality (if it can even be called that) is laughable, and I know that my vocals need work! But it’s better to improve upon something rather than never try, right? ;)