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Father’s Day Sunday Sounds: Steely Dan, “Deacon Blues”

In honor of today being Father’s Day, I’ve chosen a song from one of my dad’s favorite bands, Steely Dan. I’ve heard this song many a times growing up, and I’ve always kinda loved the absurdity ambiguity of their lyrics, the ones in this song in particular.

Maybe it’s due to the pseudo-underdog-anthem quality to it?

In any case, it’s catchy as hell.

Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful paternal figures out there!


Sunday Sounds: Sucré, “Light Up”

Ever since Sucré announced that the vinyls of their debut album were finally pressed, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my Red Velvet bundle (vinyl! Danny Roberts print! Tote bag!) and, of course, spinning A Minor Bird non-stop.

From start to finish, A Minor Bird is a cohesively ethereal work of art. Stacy Dupree-King’s vocals surpass any expectations or predictions that could have been gleaned from her work in Eisley (which makes me even more excited for the next Eisley LP!). Along with Darren King’s infectious beats and Jeremy Larson’s enchanting string arrangements and production, Sucré have crafted a stunning debut album.

“Light Up,” the fourth song off of the album, is a relatively minimalistic track, but one that highlights Dupree-King’s vocals, as well as the beauty in simplicity. This bare bones video for the song is mesmerizing and showcases the artistry and professionalism of the trio.

So inspiring!


Sunday Sounds: Cassino, “Tin Man’s Throne”

It wasn’t too long ago that I featured a song by Northstar, the former band of Nick Torres. Yes, I’m in love with his songwriting and voice– I’m won’t deny it! Torres’ current band Cassino recently announced that their second LP Kingprince is going to be pressed on vinyl, so I’ve been on Cassino kick for the past few weeks. (As of right now, there are a handful of black vinyl left over at Collective Confusion Records. I definitely jumped at the clear vinyl when it was available!) On the double LP will be the EP of B-sides, The Weight of Bother, which includes a full-band version of this week’s song, “Tin Man’s Throne.”

Originally on their first album, Sounds of Salvations, “Tin Man’s Throne” is a quickly wrought acoustic piece wedged between the upbeat “New Jerusalem” and the plaintive “Platano.” The lyrics play like an elegy, melancholic and regretful; however, the music doesn’t really allow it to fall into a heavy wretchedness. Instrumentally, it just feels very earnest. The notes move steadily, layering to create a beautifully rich tone.

Most days I prefer this version over the full-band one, but the vocals in the latter have such a sharp emotional weariness… don’t make me choose.

(Also, there’s something to be said when, in getting back in the swing of things, one chooses a song that coincidentally shares an identical reference to previous written admission. Hmm. It was a happy accident, I swear!)

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Having been a dedicated Android user, I’ve been without the fabled Instagram for quite some time, and honestly, I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. Then, they finally released an Android version, and I’m hooked! These are a mixed bag– everything except for the first three are from the concerts I went to last year!

Who else is on instagram? Naturally, I’m MuseKitsch!


Sherlock on PBS

Radiohead at San Jose April 11, 2012

Radiohead at San Jose on 4/11/12

The Narrative at Slims May 16 2011

The Narrative at Slims 5/16/11

The Head and the Heart at The Warfield June 1 2011

The Head and the Heart at The Warfield 6/1/11



FCBD haul: Spider-man, Buffy, Justice League Dark, DV8, Escapist

FCBD haul: Spidey, Buffy, JLD, DV8, Escapist

Christie Dupree (now Merriment) at Slims May 16 2011

Christie Dupree (now Merriment) at Slims 5/16/11

Eisley at Slims May 16 2011

Eisley at Slims 5/16/11

Iron and Wine at The Warfield June 1 2011

Iron and Wine at The Warfield 6/1/11


I know things here have been on the quiet side, but the semester is finally over! I’ve got a bunch of ideas, blog-related and beyond, and I’m excited to get this summer started.


Sunday Sounds: Radiohead, “The Gloaming”

Neurotic though it may be, before going to a concert I like to “prep” my ears and put the band, or bands, on heavy rotation. With a Radiohead show on Wednesday* I’ve been listening to them non-stop, even breaking my usual “no music while reading” rule as I’ve also been scrambling to finish A Clash of Kings. Strangely, but fortuitously, “The Gloaming” found a place [in the fanmix I never knew I needed to make for this book] as the perfect Theon Greyjoy song.

I know, weird, right? And he isn’t even a major character for me! No, but seriously, if you’re read the latter Theon chapters of that book while listening to this, I dare you to tell me this doesn’t fit the tone perfectly!

Watching this session brought back all the excitement, adoration, and absolute awe from that night. So many emotions!

*I very much intend to give that event its own post at a later date, provided I ever find the words that are deserving of such a beautiful and spectacular show! /emotionalwreck