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Minuscule Motion

One reason that I moved from blogspot to WordPress was so that I could have much more freedom with the layout. Years ago, I could get away with using tables and frames and all would be well, but both have fallen by the wayside; this, paired with my having walked away from webdesign has lead to extreme frustration and delay in coding my design properly. I mean, I do have something, I swear!

The simplicity was a choice, not a limitation brought on by my lack of expertise ha. If it was, I would have put up this layout a lot sooner. I’m trying to code my own theme so not only am I relearning html and css, but learning wordpress functions as well. Difficult, but rewarding nonetheless.

In keeping with the geeky coding and nostalgia theme of this post, I present a well-deserved plug to my friend Isabel and her friend Flora’s new website & blog: bourbon, sugar, & mint! They’ve described it as “Two grad students escaping the doldrums of academia by indulging in the world of pop culture, DIY, crafting, décor, and fashion.” Go go go!

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Some heart please! Sincerely, the Tin Man.*

It’s been ten years since I started blogging, and being involved on the internet in general. Or at least, it’s been a decade, to the day, since I started using on my first ever domain. I won’t even look at the entry I wrote, but I know that it was lighthearted and mundane (’twas probably a “Hello! This is my website. I also like these websites here [link], [link], [link]!” Oh, youth). Although it was in a voice I can’t recognize, I oddly want to return to that, or at least something similar.

(Because honestly? Even I’m tired of my elusive bullshit (as evidence from the state of my livejournal in the past few years. That is, if I even bother to update. :\ It’s time to just have some fun.)

Despite transferring the previous posts from an ill-attempt at returning to regular blogging (“ill” in the sense that I realized that Often Lions is another project entirely), I’m considering this the first post here. It’s a new name, Glass Lens, Gold Key, and I’m using my own domain to host it, which is something that feels like coming home, as nerdy as that sounds.

I’m currently using a WordPress theme, and while it pains me, from self-accusations of indolence, to not have designed something myself, I spent so much time in the past making layouts that I was proud of, but with little content to hold it up. Yes, this is a rationalization for laziness; I hope it holds up.

However, today was also quite a big day in another regard because after spending years as a model pedestrian, I finally decided to take my driving test today and I’m proud (but mostly relieved tbqh) to say that a licensed California driver is the author of this post.

I guess there’s the little bit of mundane [and semi-personal] that I needed to start sharing. I’ll try to get better and hopefully more interesting as time goes by, I promise.

*The traditional gift for a ten year anniversary is Tin. Humor me. :)