Admired, Inspired 11.6.13

Earlier today I recommended TED.com to a friend and I realized that I had yet to share some of my favorites here. Seeing as how TED Talks epitomize the premise of the Admired, Inspired, it’s about time.

Without intending to, this particular set tends to lean toward creation/creativity and its effects; perhaps I’ll do another with a different theme (neuroscience! societal norms!).

Warning: TED Talks successfully fulfills the trope of the web video blackhole– you can’t stop at just one.

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“… let’s have an adventure.”

Sweater & Adventure

A few weeks ago my friend Isabel and I decided to challenge each other’s photographic creativity with a prompt for the month. This shot was a response to the following:

“Use the sleeves of my sweater, let’s have an adventure.”

Yes, it’s pretty clear that I will use anything as an excuse to feature my favorite book.


Admired, Inspired 10.2.13

This week: the Superhero & Comics Edition!

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is finally on twitter. That’s it, that’s the feature. (If I were to ramble on about the many reasons why this is a big deal to me, this would be a much longer post. I mean, I wrote about Buffy in my undergraduate thesis, so my flailing should not be a surprise.)
  • I like to believe that in a parallel universe (or at least one of them) the other me is a comic book author and artist, but now that the Masters of Anatomy Kickstarter is launching next week–October 11th! – I may have to take my drawing dreams a bit more seriously. From the book’s official site:

    Master of Anatomy: The Ideal Male and Female, is a one-of-a-kind collection of artistic anatomy bringing together the work of 64 artists from different industries. Each artist recreates the Ideal Male and Female illustrated in their own signature style and without the aid of external reference. Each angle is neutral, symmetrical and unposed showing the front, side and 3/4 front angles in a classic animation turn-around. The goal: to translate a decades-old sketch into something more relevant to a modern aesthetic. The result is a volume unlike anything that exists today. A must have for any aspiring artist; digital or traditional.

  • Speaking of comic book creators who are living their dreams, the lovely ladies from Little Foolery announced their newest release for sale, That Which Wills: Virgo Rising. Astrology, magic, stellar storytelling and gorgeous art? Yes please!
  • Not that there was any doubt as to how perfect Lynda Carter was as Wonder Woman, a recent interview proves that she understands the character far more than most of the people at the top of television and movie industry.
  • Although there’s no new official live-action incarnation of Wonder Woman, unofficially there most certainly is, thanks to Rainfall Films. Badass unicorn Rileah Vanderbilt successfully embodies the character’s strength, grace, and spirit of sisterhood.

Simple Monthly Goals: October 2013

Simple Monthly Goals - October 2013

First things first, the results of last month:

I failed. It’s terrible for me to use that word– it’s too judgmental!– and quite a dramatic thing to say for something intended to be “simple”, but really, it’s even more fitting to use the word because of the supposed “simplicity.” I didn’t get everything done, hell, I didn’t really get much done at all. And it’s bothering me so much. Or rather, I’m making it a much bigger deal then it actually is. Let’s review:

  1. Finish three books. I finished one book, Born of Night. As I went to continue A Feast for Crows, I realized it had been so long since I started it, that I began again from page one. -_- I’m already past the point I stopped, but I still have a little less than halfway to go.
  2. Walk 10,000 steps each day. Well, I included a television marathon as goal, so it’s no surprise which one was easier to prioritize. There were a few days (okay, there were two), I reached that number, but mostly I just let myself loaf around.
  3. Meditate everyday. Now this was much easier, as I chose to meditate first thing after I woke up. Admittedly, my monkey mind was constantly in full swing (ha), but I got a little bit better at quelling that. And I’m still working on it.
  4. Catch up on Breaking Bad. (Of course I completed the television one. It’s me.) So. Many. Emotions. Despite the toll it took on my health– in more ways than one– I’m glad I was able to catch the last two episodes live. Did you see the finale? Such a satisfying ending.
  5. Finish knitting my Brooklyn Tweed Stranger cardigan. Yeah. My other sweaters still hold up, I’ll live.

Now, what did I learn? While public accountability helps, (although- and I’m grateful for this– no one guilted reminded me) visibility is even better. After writing up my list, I honestly didn’t really look at it. As you can tell, I’ve decided to keep going with monthly goals, but this time, I’m going to make an effort to remind myself daily and directly… as one should do with goals.

Which is the other matter: “should.” I’ve an affinity for self-help/productivity books and blogs, which have taught me the danger of using that word. Psychology Today teaches that too:

Known as “categorical imperatives,” shoulds, oughts and musts create anger and guilt. “You should have done X and not Y!” “He should have known better!” are expressions of anger. “I shouldn’t have said that!” “I should have done XYZ!” are statements of guilt.

You know the cycle, guilt leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to… anger?* You get what I’m saying.

But I digress. Although I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do, I blogged quite a bit, saw the release of one of my best friend’s blog (which I got to designed!), dabbled in typography, and I finally wrote a new song, which I have yet to record.

I didn’t completely waste September.

Now, for October I’ve only got two goals:

  1. Launch Project A.
  2. Work on Project B to prepare for launch in November.

Yes, they’re not really simple, nor are they specific (at least not outwardly), but I need them to be nameless because they terrify me the surprise is the best part!

This is not to say that I’ve put my health, my literacy, or even my sweater on hold, rather, it’s those two projects that I want to focus here, online.

What are your October goals?

*Name the quote! And the quote that one that’s quoting!