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Glass Lens, Gold Key is registered at Namecheap and hosted on Dreamhost (both affiliate links). It runs on WordPress.

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Product Links

Occasionally, when I write about something, be it a song, album, book, or what have you, I will include a link to or iTunes; these are not affiliate/referral links.  They are merely permalinks to the product page.  Whether you buy that product or another, I make absolutely no money.  I provide those links so that you, my lovely reader, can enjoy whatever I’ve raved about as well. ;)


Comments Policy

I reserve the right to remove any comments made on any entries for whatever reason.  This pertains to anything that I might find offensive, inappropriate, spam, etc.  Should I find a comment that I feel does not belong on my blog, I have the right to remove it.

This is my space, my little abode on the internet, and I liken the commenting option to a open house party; if someone were to cause a ruckus (yes, a ruckus), wouldn’t you promptly see to it that they left?