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On the Needles: Season’s Shawl

Yes, I’m still working on this knitpicks kit. However (!), I feel confident that I could complete this within the month. Three weeks to finish one more chart pattern of twenty-something rows…

Hmm, we shall see. Let’s hope I don’t get too distracted into power-reading George R. R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows. I just finished A Storm of Swords and holy plot developments Batman! So much happened!

There’s also the matter of Tigana and Kushiel’s Dart, which I’m reading for The Sword and Laser and Vaginal Fantasy book clubs, respectively.

The colors of the yarns still blow me away though. Throughout the piece there are two strands yarn that are worked; sometimes it’s the same type, other times it’s two different colors or fibers. The colors were always the major selling point for me, the lace work secondary.

Even then, the patterned charts aren’t as difficult as I thought they might be, but it’s just all the double checking that kills me. Between the pinks and the orange/yellow section I messed up a step so I had to rip out about five rows to fix it- le sigh, but it all worked out in the end. Or am I speaking too soon?

After this, I still have the Gallatin Sweater to finish, but I’m really hankering for a simpler project to work up. Preferably a single color. Bulky yarn, perhaps? A cowl, even? Anything I can finish within a long afternoon during a TV marathon? #InstantGratificationFTW #ILoveHashtags

Any summer projects on your plate, crafting, creative, or otherwise?


Sewing Season

I can’t sew. I can’t even hem a skirt, I’m that much of a novice. It’s actually a bit embarrassing to admit this, especially since both my mother and grandmother are quite deft with a needle and thread; my mom even made her own wedding dress! I mean, how can I not feel like a failure to this little legacy?

In all seriousness though, learning how to sew is one of items at the top of my to-do list (maybe even bucket list?) and apparently this summer seems to agree with me, considering it presented three methods for me to pursue it: Craftsy’s Sewing Studio video class, Red Velvet’s DIY Dress Up e-course, and Brett Bara’s book Sewing in a Straight Line.

(I know, I should just ask my mom to teach me, right?)

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