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Finished Object: Cloverfield Cardigan

July 2011 – December 2011
Size: 18 months
Pattern: “Cloverfield Cardigan” by Vickie Howell, Petite Purls Spring 2011 issue
Yarn: Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish): Robin’s Egg(ish) (2); Chartreuse(ish) (1); White(ish) (1); Olive(ish) (1)

If there is anything that I will associate with this cardigan, it’s that it was a testament to my procrastination. However, it was also the first time I’ve sewn buttons on something I’ve knit, so although I am embarrassed a bit, there’s still some pride involved!

Yes, this was meant to be a gift and I only finished it sometime last week. If the recipient wasn’t in the UK, that wouldn’t have been much of an issue. Also, it was meant to be a gift sent in time for her birthday, which was in November. I know, I’m terrible. However, the completed size is meant for an 18th month old, and it was only her first birthday, so really, I suppose that from the beginning I started this with my procrastination in mind! ;)

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On the Needles: Burst & Bloom

Day 3 of the knitpicks Seasons Shawl for September KAL

September already? Well, my disbelief is clearly evident in my current crafting projects. Still holding onto summer (with residual spring longing), le sigh.

I’m on day three (I couldn’t help myself for the photo!) of working on the Seasons Shawl as part of the September KAL on ravelry. I’m hoping I can finish this by the end of the month. However, as per my neurotic tendencies, I’ve been counting the stitches every increase row, so that might not work out.

Although, should I get frustrated and need to walk away, I still have all these tails and seams to work on the Cloverfield Cardigan– so at least I’ll have to stay productive.

Cloverfield Cardigan tails and seams

I feel as though this picture is strangely grotesque- like I’m looking at its entrails, ya know?