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Admired, Inspired 6.27.12

A few favorites from the past week!

  • As I was reading my feed, I kept seeing the Audrey Grace Boutique mentioned, and it’s official– it’s my new favorite shop. Not only is their whole aesthetic is absolutely charming, the stock is to-die-for, but some of the models are ladies whose work I already love!

Becky of The Honey Trees (Wake the Earth is a beautiful EP) wearing the Silvia Solar Green Bow Dress (photo by Simon Filip)

  • In the same fashionable vein, Gala Darling and Nubby Twiglet took a vacation to SoCal and traveled in style. The photos are fabulous and they look like they had so much fun!
  • As for the East coast, Gala also has a couple of words of advice for those who want to move to NYC.
  • Of course, if the coastlines aren’t your thing, Mandi, formerly of the blog Here’s Looking at You Kid, has a new site, Making Nice in the Midwest!
  • Eisley and Merriment released a limited hand-numbered split 7″ that can be purchased here. As always, Eisley merch has great art and design. It looks like there are still some copies left, get on it!


Sunday Sounds: Sucré, “Light Up”

Ever since Sucré announced that the vinyls of their debut album were finally pressed, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my Red Velvet bundle (vinyl! Danny Roberts print! Tote bag!) and, of course, spinning A Minor Bird non-stop.

From start to finish, A Minor Bird is a cohesively ethereal work of art. Stacy Dupree-King’s vocals surpass any expectations or predictions that could have been gleaned from her work in Eisley (which makes me even more excited for the next Eisley LP!). Along with Darren King’s infectious beats and Jeremy Larson’s enchanting string arrangements and production, Sucré have crafted a stunning debut album.

“Light Up,” the fourth song off of the album, is a relatively minimalistic track, but one that highlights Dupree-King’s vocals, as well as the beauty in simplicity. This bare bones video for the song is mesmerizing and showcases the artistry and professionalism of the trio.

So inspiring!

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Having been a dedicated Android user, I’ve been without the fabled Instagram for quite some time, and honestly, I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. Then, they finally released an Android version, and I’m hooked! These are a mixed bag– everything except for the first three are from the concerts I went to last year!

Who else is on instagram? Naturally, I’m MuseKitsch!


Sherlock on PBS

Radiohead at San Jose April 11, 2012

Radiohead at San Jose on 4/11/12

The Narrative at Slims May 16 2011

The Narrative at Slims 5/16/11

The Head and the Heart at The Warfield June 1 2011

The Head and the Heart at The Warfield 6/1/11



FCBD haul: Spider-man, Buffy, Justice League Dark, DV8, Escapist

FCBD haul: Spidey, Buffy, JLD, DV8, Escapist

Christie Dupree (now Merriment) at Slims May 16 2011

Christie Dupree (now Merriment) at Slims 5/16/11

Eisley at Slims May 16 2011

Eisley at Slims 5/16/11

Iron and Wine at The Warfield June 1 2011

Iron and Wine at The Warfield 6/1/11


I know things here have been on the quiet side, but the semester is finally over! I’ve got a bunch of ideas, blog-related and beyond, and I’m excited to get this summer started.


Sunday Sounds: Sucré

Tomorrow the first single from Sucré, “When We Were Young”, will be released and if this clip says anything, it’s going to be phenomenal. Sucré is essentially Stacy King of Eisley, along with her husband Darren King of Mute Math and Jeremy Larson. I cannot wait to hear more!


Sunday Sounds: Eisley, “The Valley”

The ambiguous song is probably my favorite kind of song. That’s not to say that I prefer nonsensical, throwaway lyrics that can’t evoke meaning, but when a songwriter’s words can yield a multitude of meanings and interpretations I love that generosity and opportunity that they provide for their listeners. Don’t wanna leave anyone out, right?

The ladies of Eisley definitely have that gift. Although their most recent release, The Valley, deals with more concrete subject matter, the writing style between the main songwriters still allows for some guesswork and interpretation. The title track is the second to be made into a video (the first was for “Smarter“) and if it were not for Stacy Dupree’s engaging and equivocal words, this video would not have been so much fun.

I am in the love with the whole steampunk aesthetic of this! The narrative is something that I would have never gleaned from the lyrics but it works so well. The director, Cory Sheldon, had worked with Eisley before on the video for “Memories” and it’s wonderful to see how far both he and the band have come; there’s also a vintage-keepsake style that links both the videos, but not overwhelmingly so, and it’s one that really complements Eisley’s music.

Next February they are coming out with a new EP Deep Space, as well as going on a tiny tour to promote it. Although it’s not coming around to California, I could not be more excited for the songs because everything from the songwriting to the recording and mixing seems so relaxed and just a creative free-for-all; I am so happy they are getting that kind of freedom and support since signing with Equal Vision Records. The dates and venues for the upcoming tour can be found on EVR’s website. Go and enjoy a show for me please!