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Sinister Sunday Sounds: Nobuo Uematsu, “One Winged Angel”

Last week’s Lydia song aside (Paint it Golden absolutely blew me away and surprised me at every turn– it’s just fantastic, but that’s for a later post!), I’ve decided to dedicate the remainder of this month’s Sunday Sounds to more frightful fare.

To mark the beginning of this spooky setlist is one of the most iconic musical pieces in gaming, Nobuo Uematsu’s “One Winged Angel”, from the [Compilation of] Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth, the subject of the piece, is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying villains in pop culture, and “One Winged Angel” is definitely not something one should listen to when home alone at three in the morning. ;D

The live version complete with an orchestra and Uematsu’s rock band The Black Mages is so mesmerizing; I can only imagine how wonderfully wicked the atmosphere must have felt in that room.