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Finished Object: Cloverfield Cardigan

July 2011 – December 2011
Size: 18 months
Pattern: “Cloverfield Cardigan” by Vickie Howell, Petite Purls Spring 2011 issue
Yarn: Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish): Robin’s Egg(ish) (2); Chartreuse(ish) (1); White(ish) (1); Olive(ish) (1)

If there is anything that I will associate with this cardigan, it’s that it was a testament to my procrastination. However, it was also the first time I’ve sewn buttons on something I’ve knit, so although I am embarrassed a bit, there’s still some pride involved!

Yes, this was meant to be a gift and I only finished it sometime last week. If the recipient wasn’t in the UK, that wouldn’t have been much of an issue. Also, it was meant to be a gift sent in time for her birthday, which was in November. I know, I’m terrible. However, the completed size is meant for an 18th month old, and it was only her first birthday, so really, I suppose that from the beginning I started this with my procrastination in mind! ;)

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Finished Object(s): Gryffindor Scarves

June 23, 2011 – August 11, 2011
Measurements: (including tassels) 96″ x 9″
Pattern: “House Scarves – Year 3-4 Scarf” by Lauren Kent, Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel
Yarn: (total) 2 skeins Caron One Pound Natura in “Claret” & 1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease in “Gold”

Although I had intended to finish them a little bit earlier, I’m quite proud to have them done before the end of summer; once I had passed my delusional, self-imposed deadline that I set in early July I thought I would never get them done. Had I not decided to reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before seeing the film I might have been able to finish them before my friends moved away (these were supposed to be farewell gifts, but now I get to send them as care packages!). Well, that may not be true, considering I took some time to finish Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber, then started (and finished!) George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones so that I could start watching the show… then I finished that as well. XD

Back to the scarves! The first one took the longest; not only did I allow distractions, but there was a gnarly knot in the skein for the main color that I foolishly spent about two or three days trying to untangle. But once I finally finished that one, I was able to barrel through the second, no knots dared interfere.

Knots aside, I love using the One Pound Natura for these; I used it before for the Slytherin scarves I knit my friend and I (see mine below) and I was pleased to find they had the right red too. Yes, it’s one hundred percent acrylic, but it’s not scratchy AT ALL once it softens up in the wash (like other Caron yarns), which can be done in the machine! Hand washing can be so tedious, ya know? Also, because it’s so massive I didn’t have to weave in so many ends (oh, but the secondary color…). I actually put off weaving the ends in for about a day or two because I dread that part of the process.

For any of my fellow Slytherins out there, Caron One Pound Natura in “Forest” is absolutely perfect for our green! I’ve got a Ravenclaw scarf on my future gift knit list and am a bit disheartened to find that there is no blue that Luna would approve to represent her house. Then there’s the issue of the bronze…