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On the Needles: Gallatin Sweater

The kit for this came out last year, and I snagged it earlier this summer when it was on sale, with the intention of finishing it before winter really hit. Considering I’m in California this isn’t really an issue, but regardless, I want to finish this before my birthday (not just as a gift to myself, but also to justify buying it so long ago!), which is a little less than a month away… thankfully this is bulky weight yarn. I can get it done. There are many television marathons to be had, during which I’ll definitely get my knitting done. Oh, but then there are some holiday gifts… le sigh.

What it’s supposed to look like (images from the KnitPicks blog):


I’m more or less knitting like this, however I’m going to lengthen it so it sits about mid-thigh instead of at the hip. Usually I’ll make a more major change to a knitting pattern, but the deer and snowflake motifs are so perfect for the season! KnitPicks is always releasing these kits that I love– my knitpicks wishlist is primarily composed of ’em.

Anybody else knitting/crocheting/crafting themselves something to keep warm?