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Admired, Inspired 9.25.13

This week I’ve seem to lean towards healthy living. Then again, I should always do this, huh?

  • The Kickstarter Project, “Set Chopin Free,” aims to free Chopin’s music from the chains of copyrights. Music for all! (Re: the unofficial theme, I hope I don’t have to tell anyone how important music is for one’s health. ♥)
  • Isabel will be running “Coast-to-Coast” next year! I’m no runner, so I’m always awe-struck by people who can do marathons.
  • Yoga is more my style and if you’re in the market for a new mat, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats is the way to go. I’m in love with these colorways:



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Sunday Sounds: Bears of Manitou, “Your Story”

Whether it’s done lyrically or musically, I love when a song’s emotional tone takes a surprising turn. Beginning with drums that demand attention, a keen electric guitar, and perfectly complementary dual vocals, “Your Story”, from Bears of Manitou, initially appears like a rebuke, but evolves into an emboldening message. This song focuses on the present and making the best of it.

(I love that this video was just made during a rehearsal!)

While I usually restrain my words for a single song, I just want to say how much I love Origins, the album on which “Your Story” appears. It’s a solid, musically cohesive debut album. It begins with the upbeat “Everything I Want,” which serves as a pleasant introduction to both the band and the album. It’s a cheery indie/folk song and it’s appearance before “Your Story” is a smart juxtaposition; these first two tracks effectively show the band’s musical and lyrical range, and the rest of album lives up to that.

The next track, “Straight Ahead”, is catchy and nostalgic, with an amusing charm. “Searching For Love” musically deviates from that, with a heavier, somber sound. The bridge in that song is one of my favorites on the album; there’s a slightly jazz-y tone to it that highlights the brightness of Maria Sais de Sicilia’s voice. It’s then followed by two of my favorite tracks and track sequence: “Dear” and “Houses”. The former showcases how strong the harmonies and vocal interplay are between Sais de Sicilia and fellow vocalist Gabe Williams, while “Houses” has air of regret to it, which I love. I’ve featured “Out of Colorado” before, but here its track placement is a refreshing note that keeps Origins balanced and on an even keel. The next song, “Can’t Steal the Moon” may be my favorite of the bunch; thematically, it’s a mixture of melancholy and resignation, and musically it leans more towards their indie sound. Finally, “Home” is short and sweet with a sentiment of contentedness; it’s the perfect end to this album.

The band currently has a Kickstarter campaign to get it pressed onto physical CDs and vinyl and they have an adorable video to accompany it:

It ends on the 11th and as I write this, they need a little over $800 to reach their goal! $10 will not only get you the digital version of the album, but a physical copy as well; with $9.99 being the average price of an album on iTunes, you’re actually getting quite the deal.

This band has a history of being very connected to their fans (care packages, bear speak) and involving their music beyond the basics. They’ve promised to donate any of the surplus of their campaign to helping Colorado residents following the wildfires. If you can, check out their kickstarter!


Admired, Inspired 06.06.12

Links and things that make my heart sing.

  • Elsie and Emma give advice on time management– these ladies know what they’re talking about. I’m always in awe of their careers as store owners, crafters, and bloggers- they just finished their first book!
  • Catherine took a trip to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and the resultant photoshoot, which was done by her equally talented twin sister, is absolutely stunning.
  • Stream Metric’s new album!
  • Amanda Palmer’s kickstarter campaign breached the $1M mark, and she detailed where the money will go. For anyone who is a fan of music and interested in the inner workings of the music-making process and industry, this is a must-read.
  • Speaking of kickstarter, the creator of the children’s fantasy book Camp Myth contacted me about his project, and it looks amazing. I’m such a sucker for mythology! The project has twelve more days to go and has almost at their goal- check it out!
  • Finally, on a somber note, the wonderful and fantastical Ray Bradbury passed away today. RIP sir, and thank you for sharing your love of life through your work.

    “I thank the universe for making life on earth and allowing me to come alive here.”