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On the Needles: “Greenhaas” (Koolhaas Hat in Evergreen)

My final semester is proving to be as challenging as I thought it would be! Luckily I’ve been channelling the pressure into “stress!crafting” (see also: stress!baking and stress!cleaning). With my dad’s birthday coming up, I chose to knit up a gift and the popular “Koolhaas Hat” by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) seemed perfect.

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat 02

Evergreen Koolhaas Hat 03

At first the cables seemed quite intimidating, but after having worked two swatches to get the proper gauge, they’re actually pretty fun! Since it’s only a single stitch being held, I’ve been working the cables without a cable needle à la Grumperina.

Speaking of swatches, here’s the second swatch I made:

Oyster Heather Mink Heather Evergreen Koolhaas swatch

As you can plainly tell, there are three colors, only one of them actually being used in the final product; all three are the same yarn! In all honesty, this pattern was chosen not just because I know my dad will appreciate it, but because I’m also trying to whittle down my yarn stash (shh… I would like to think my father would appreciate the resourcefulness and pragmatism!). I had so little the other colors and just barely enough green for the hat, so I did what I had to do. It’s a pretty looking swatch though, right?


On the Needles: Season’s Shawl

Yes, I’m still working on this knitpicks kit. However (!), I feel confident that I could complete this within the month. Three weeks to finish one more chart pattern of twenty-something rows…

Hmm, we shall see. Let’s hope I don’t get too distracted into power-reading George R. R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows. I just finished A Storm of Swords and holy plot developments Batman! So much happened!

There’s also the matter of Tigana and Kushiel’s Dart, which I’m reading for The Sword and Laser and Vaginal Fantasy book clubs, respectively.

The colors of the yarns still blow me away though. Throughout the piece there are two strands yarn that are worked; sometimes it’s the same type, other times it’s two different colors or fibers. The colors were always the major selling point for me, the lace work secondary.

Even then, the patterned charts aren’t as difficult as I thought they might be, but it’s just all the double checking that kills me. Between the pinks and the orange/yellow section I messed up a step so I had to rip out about five rows to fix it- le sigh, but it all worked out in the end. Or am I speaking too soon?

After this, I still have the Gallatin Sweater to finish, but I’m really hankering for a simpler project to work up. Preferably a single color. Bulky yarn, perhaps? A cowl, even? Anything I can finish within a long afternoon during a TV marathon? #InstantGratificationFTW #ILoveHashtags

Any summer projects on your plate, crafting, creative, or otherwise?


On the Needles: Gallatin Sweater

The kit for this came out last year, and I snagged it earlier this summer when it was on sale, with the intention of finishing it before winter really hit. Considering I’m in California this isn’t really an issue, but regardless, I want to finish this before my birthday (not just as a gift to myself, but also to justify buying it so long ago!), which is a little less than a month away… thankfully this is bulky weight yarn. I can get it done. There are many television marathons to be had, during which I’ll definitely get my knitting done. Oh, but then there are some holiday gifts… le sigh.

What it’s supposed to look like (images from the KnitPicks blog):


I’m more or less knitting like this, however I’m going to lengthen it so it sits about mid-thigh instead of at the hip. Usually I’ll make a more major change to a knitting pattern, but the deer and snowflake motifs are so perfect for the season! KnitPicks is always releasing these kits that I love– my knitpicks wishlist is primarily composed of ’em.

Anybody else knitting/crocheting/crafting themselves something to keep warm?


On the Needles: Burst & Bloom

Day 3 of the knitpicks Seasons Shawl for September KAL

September already? Well, my disbelief is clearly evident in my current crafting projects. Still holding onto summer (with residual spring longing), le sigh.

I’m on day three (I couldn’t help myself for the photo!) of working on the Seasons Shawl as part of the September KAL on ravelry. I’m hoping I can finish this by the end of the month. However, as per my neurotic tendencies, I’ve been counting the stitches every increase row, so that might not work out.

Although, should I get frustrated and need to walk away, I still have all these tails and seams to work on the Cloverfield Cardigan– so at least I’ll have to stay productive.

Cloverfield Cardigan tails and seams

I feel as though this picture is strangely grotesque- like I’m looking at its entrails, ya know?


On the Needles: Gryffindor Scarves

“…daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart” – (Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone)

Gryffindor Scarf

(No full-length shot because I cheated in taking these photos-I haven’t even woven in all the ends! ha)

Completed one of two Gryffindor scarves. They’re meant as gifts because I’m certainly no Gryffindor (although I will say I love their colors). Slytherin pride forever and ever.

This is my third HP House color scarf in less than a year. Right before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out I managed to finish one for a fellow Slytherin; crazy determination got me to finish it in less than two weeks! Unfortunately I procrastinated in starting that one and couldn’t finish knitting my own until before my birthday in December. However, I was able to wear my own for the midnight premiere of Part Two; Northern California, thank you for your weather.

Also, this is the first post since I’ve updated the layout!