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Sinister Sunday Sounds – Sherri Dupree Bemis, “White Christmas Nightmare”

This final Sinister Sunday Sounds of 2011 comes from Sherri Dupree Bemis, whose “White Christmas Nightmare” is a wonderful transition from October into the upcoming months. It’s just as the title would imply, a macabre take on the Christmas classic; as any Eisley fan knows, the Duprees have a penchant for illustrative lyrics, and this song is no exception. Vocally, she completely embodies the wicked witch she’s written, her voice dripping malevolence.

I hope everyone’s Halloween weekend has been fun so far! Any crazy stories? AND it’s still not over yet, right? ;D


Sinister Sunday Sounds: Yoshimori Makoto, “Owaru Koto no Nai Kaidan”

Going instrumental this week and featuring a track from the anime series Baccano!, which is one of my absolute favorites, anime or otherwise. My love for the series stems from its 1920s setting, crime & horror genre, crazy cast of characters, solidly-stitched-storyline, and of course, its musical score.

This particular piece, which translates to “never-ending staircase”*, is more obvious in its attempt to terrify than the previous songs I’ve selected, and it’s more successful as well, thanks to the intensely foreboding strings and the haphazard percussion section that drifts in. For the full-effect and long-lingering nightmares, please turn off all the lights before you give this a listen; go ahead, I dare you.

*Thank you google translate. One of these days I will pursue learning Japanese like I’ve been telling myself all these years. One of these days… Also, “never-ending staircase” reminds me of a certain book that I will be recommending for All Hallow’s Read in an upcoming post. I really do intend to make more non-music related posts! ;)


Sinister Sunday Sounds: The Decemberists, “Shankill Butchers”

While last week’s selection was more dramatic and theatrical, this week’s choice is haunting in the way that it creeps up on you. The Decemberists‘ “Shankill Butchers” from their 2006 album The Crane Wife is a cautionary tale (though not to be confused with “A Cautionary Song”, which is also quite disturbing, possibly even more so… Be kind to your mother!). There’s minimalism, thanks to the count off and solo acoustic guitar in the beginning, that creates an intimacy with Colin Meloy’s words of warning, forcing you to listen carefully. When the bridge hits and the guitar solo starts, there’s a false sense of relief that you won’t hear any more details of the eponymous group’s criminality, but then there’s some faint whistling in the background– and now it’s probably too late to check your windows.

;) You are welcome.

Their upcoming album The King is Dead comes out November 1st, and the Deluxe Box Edition is killing me. I always love their aesthetics and album art, and this is no exception. Art book featuring work from Autumn de Wilde? White vinyl? Yes please!


Sinister Sunday Sounds: Nobuo Uematsu, “One Winged Angel”

Last week’s Lydia song aside (Paint it Golden absolutely blew me away and surprised me at every turn– it’s just fantastic, but that’s for a later post!), I’ve decided to dedicate the remainder of this month’s Sunday Sounds to more frightful fare.

To mark the beginning of this spooky setlist is one of the most iconic musical pieces in gaming, Nobuo Uematsu’s “One Winged Angel”, from the [Compilation of] Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth, the subject of the piece, is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying villains in pop culture, and “One Winged Angel” is definitely not something one should listen to when home alone at three in the morning. ;D

The live version complete with an orchestra and Uematsu’s rock band The Black Mages is so mesmerizing; I can only imagine how wonderfully wicked the atmosphere must have felt in that room.