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Black, white, and basics. New layout!

My apologies, it’s been so long!

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken some time off; I’ve been wondering and doubting- as I’m wont to do- about what I’ve been doing with my digital space. Questions like, “What do I have to say or offer?”, “What am I saying?”, “What voice have I been conveying?”, and “Why can’t I ever take a picture the way I imagine it in my head?! *rageface*” have been swirling around my head; alas, even with all that time away, I don’t think I’m much closer to an answer than I was before. However, what was clear, was the fact that I needed to do something, even if that meant doing anything.

So naturally, like the need for a new haircut or outfit, I went to working on a new layout. Although I didn’t intend that this happen, this version, with it’s excessive black and white, addresses my need for a clean slate.

While there are a few coding issues that need to be fixed, I’m proud to say that this new layout is the first where I’ve really coded it all by my lonesome! No heavily-modified-TwentyEleven here!