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I Still Buy CDs

Got my States preorder yesterday; super excited to listen to it (if you’re buying digital, it goes online on Tuesday the 18th!). I know, if I got it yesterday, why haven’t I already listened to it? Well, I’m someone that needs to experience the first listen of an album without any distractions– so I usually end up listening to ’em in the dead of night (if I’m not way too tired), or whilst washing dishes, knitting, or something like that. Strange, I know, but I make no apologies!

I am so enamored with the fox motif; it goes perfectly with the Room to Run concept. Though I gotta admit, my favorite thing about this are those tiny star details. Also, this shirt is crazy soft; it’s also a little lighter and a bit bluer than I have shot it.

I’m planning a CD “haul” this week- I wanna pick up Bjork’s Biophilia, Bush’s The Sea of Memories, Saves the Day’s Daybreak, and Wilco’s The Whole Love. Any other recommendations? As you can see, I’ve mentioned quite a mixed bag of sounds, so c’mon lay it on me. Anything come out this year that you loved?


Sunday Sounds: Lovedrug, “Dinosaur” & States, “Timebomb”

November 2008 was memorable time; one characterized by extreme highs and lows, but ultimately the good won out. One thing that helped make that month better was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, a truth that still holds three years later.

It was a show off of the Copeland / Lovedrug / Lydia / Lights tour. At that time I had already loved Copeland and Lovedrug, but unfortunately had not listened to Lydia, despite having seen their name attached to several tours with bands that I did know and love, Brighten among them (I was oblivious to Lights, but when she and came on stage, those Old Navy commercials made sense. She’s so much fun!) I’ve since come to absolutely love Lydia (more on them at a later date), and I’m thankful for that tour, and for Copeland for choosing that lineup (as Aaron Marsh pointed out that night).

Last week both Lovedrug and States (which has members from Copeland and Lydia) came out with music videos for the first singles from their upcoming albums; Lovedrug with “Dinosaur” and States with “Timebomb”.

Lovedrug is always evolving their sound and Michael Shepard’s voice is wonderfully and consistently so keen and acute, which, when paired with his fantastically evocative lyrics, are completely enthralling. Naturally, “Dinosaur” is a song that sets quite a seductive mood. As for the video, I’m always a fan of badass women in masks wreaking havoc… and that ending!

Lovedrug also released a preview video for an updated version of “Pink Champagne”, which was first released on their EP Part 1 [of a trilogy]. I loved the song then and I love what they’ve done with it now.

Nearly a year after they first released Line ‘Em Up, States gave us a new track, “Timebomb”. Again, Mindy White has blown me away with her vocals, getting a bit of a growl going on here. She also has a penchant for cleverly written culture-critical lyrics without trite admonishment, as was the case in Line ‘Em Up’s “Falling For” and “Generation”. I also love that this is the track where the album’s title, Room to Run, comes from! The video itself is delightfully whimsical; Stacy Fahey’s art is gorgeous to say the least.


Sunday Sounds: States, “Another Chapter”

Although I came to know about the band States from having been a fan of the members’ previous bands, States stands on their own. I’ve read reviews that describe their music as an upbeat amalgam of Copeland and Lydia, the aforementioned previous bands, but I’ve never really heard that (based on their first EP, Line ’em Up, I heard more Metric than Copeland or Lydia).

“Another Chapter” is the penultimate song from Line ’em Up, and it’s my favorite of the EP. Wedged between the upbeat “Generation” and the somber and steadying “Asleep”, “Another Generation” is a fitting transition between the songs, as well as a metaphoric one for the people involved.

The song innocently begins with an acoustic guitar and keys, but it’s the electric guitar that creeps in that I love. Then the strength of Mindy White’s voice in the chorus champions the idea of growth and progression; “Another Chapter” is about moving on, and the song leave no doubt to that possibility and probability. However, the bridge is what absolutely kills me with an aggression that’s only emphasized by an abrupt and haunting reprise of the title.

States recently announced, through a series of fun videos, that their first full length, Room to Run will be available October 18, but until then, Line ‘Em Up is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Until then, States will be on tour from September 22 to October 15 (tour dates available on their site)! Now, who wants to take me to the Chico or Santa Cruz show?