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Sunday Sounds: The Cinema, “Picasso”

I’ve written about The Cinema before, and true enough, they’ve been a constant on my summer playlists. I am in love with their newest song “Picasso”, and yes, I’ve said that about each song that’s come out (but it’s the truth regardless!), but since this song was one of the ones previewed back in December, I’m really grateful it surpassed my expectations. I mean, those keys just absolutely kill me.

Picasso by The Cinema

You can follow The Cinema on Twitter and purchase their songs through Amazon or iTunes.

Patiently awaiting the album. Just saying. ; )

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Summer solstice: the longest day, the longest illumined.

Or: First day of summer. Summer sounds part two.

It’s serendipitously appropriate that I’ve let writer’s block defeat me until the topic of “summer sounds” found it’s way back to me. However, it would be a lie to say that music isn’t always on my mind– rhythms repeat regardless.

Death Cab for Cutie’s Codes and Keys and The Cinema have have been on constant repeat these past few weeks, and just yesterday I’ve started replaying and repeating Bright Eyes’ The People’s Key. Although it can be argued that, audibly, there is a shared [faint] electronic motif, the latter two especially, that lends itself to some optimism, it’s the theme of perception and realization that’s really affecting me– the revelations of the change in the frames and filters of experience.

While the idea of uncovering and documenting should have been more obvious from the get-go, I’m only making this connection now. Deduction not design.

I’ll keep the analyzed specifics a secret, because it’s all subjective, sometimes even short-lived anyway, I’ll just say that it’s these little aha! moments that I’m grateful for. It’s times like these that strengthen and reaffirm my love of music, as well as my certainty of its necessity. Our playlists function as the self-imposed soundtracks to our lives; just as they can intensify our experiences, they can also change our sentiments.


Summer Sounds

For the longest time, I’ve always associated summer with music, having spent so much time at concerts and just doing nothing but soaking in the sounds, and this summer is gearing up to be absolutely musically fantastic.

The newest album release of Ace Enders / I Can Make A Mess LIke Nobody’s Business, Gold Rush (available via bandcamp), seems to just epitomize the season. On my tumblr I likened it to being the epitome of a really contemplative, yet sunny day, followed by a wonderful get-together with the best of friends that goes on until the early morning.

Ace is currently doing a ‘Pay What You Can’ tour, wherein the price of a show is exactly that, and unfortunately it doesn’t reach the west coast, so anyone in those areas, go and have fun for me?

Not only is it innovative in concept, but the performances themselves should also be interesting because Ace is playing everything! Proof of its possibility:

Now, Gold Rush is already out, but I’m also anticipating the debut album by The Cinema, the side project from Leighton Antelman, of Lydia, and Matt Malpass, producer of many marvelous albums.

While Gold Rush fits into the sun of the summer, The Cinema most certainly feels like it’ll slyly paint up the night. The Cinema definitely diverges from the genre Antelman and Malpass have worked in, but in the best possible way.

Watch The Cinema introduce themselves and get a taste of their music:

As of today, they’ve released two songs “Kill It” (listen via youtube, but also for sale at AmazonMP3) and “The Wolf” (listen via Buzznet) and you just wanna move. “The Wolf”- goodness, equally charming and cunning and I am in love. I cannot wait for the whole album to hit.