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Sunday Sounds: Wilco, “Art of Almost”

For anyone, or anything (iTunes, I’m looking at you), who might think of Wilco as solely an alt-country-rock band, “Art of Almost” will [pleasantly] surprise you. This opening track from The Whole Love is exquisitely complex and layered, with keys/synths/distortion effects that create such an arresting atmosphere. Then there’s the breakdown/bridge around the 4:40 mark that kills me; frenetic electric guitars are a weakness of mine, I cannot deny.

(This stop-motion video of the Wilco playing this song is mesmerizing.)

Hopefully this video won’t get removed, like the one in my post on Chromatics’ “Tick of the Clock” (Drive edit)– but the soundcloud track for that is back up and I’ve embedded it, as well as posted an interesting tidbit as to why that happened.